What is the legacy you want to leave? 



Hike in Romanian mountains

Sorry for not posting here for a while, although I have tried to keep you updated on what I’m up to via Instagram 🙂 Been busy, as usual

Latest post was on the 22nd and actually already on the morning of the 24th I was in Rumanian mountains hiking

Kefir – wide and large population of beneficial bugs

Several studies suggest that the consistent consumption of probiotics, those freindly bacterial critters found in fermented foods like kefir, may lessen the risk of coming down with the sniffles and/or reduce the serverity and duration of symptoms. 


Load on copper..

If you want to use fat as your main energy source when working out – be sure that you’re getting enough copper.

Not only is it needed for iron absorption, the formation of red blood cells and as support for the immune system, but it also has fat-zipping properties.

Slow down – live longer

In a way at least ..

There are approximately 450 000 swedes that have diabetes, which makes it one of the more spread diseases. Type 2 diabetes being usually the consequence of the life style – mainly the food choices you make. Although, do not think that you are immune just because you do not life of cookies and soda.

Chinese scientists have discovered that an average pulse at 88 beats per minute (BPM) or higher, increases the chances of diabetes by more than 70%.