Excercise curbs hunger.. ?

Think working out makes you want to eat more? Think again!

Think working out makes you want to eat more? Think again!

Exercise does not make you hungrier – at least not in the hours following it. After a workout, women displayed a decrease in the hunger hormone ghrelin and increased levels of hunger – supressing hormone peptide YY, opposite to what occured when women were placed on only a calorie-restricted plan.

The exercise women also consumed approximately 30% fewer calories at a buffet meal following the workout. These benefits appear to work for a short period following training. Your plan: Because exercise that is spread throughout a day has been shown in other studies to give you benefits similar to one long workout, try breking up the 90min cardio into three 30min sessions during the day.

Why not try this during vacation? Perfect time to spread out the workouts …

What’s up since the last time? Snokling, wine tasting, paddling, BBQ and lots lots more… :)) Loving it!

sites/default/files/G0020832.JPGLoving my GoPro camera!!

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