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So, how did it go this weekend?

So, how did it go this weekend? Cykelvasan

Really really pleased, and now I just want more. The body, besides a bit stiff lower back during Sunday, is feeling great. I could have been a bit faster on the hills, made an extra effort during the sprints 🙂 I’m definitely not putting my self down, just analysing what I can do better next time as I’m feeling best today.


How did I prepare actually? Well, didn’t really follow any specific plan beside trying to spend as much time on the bike as it was possible. Us two getting to know each other. How will the other behave when in curves with loads of grovel, when in steep hills with others high or low tempo, when tired, when down hills, what is the breaking distance. In the forest – on bumpy roads, on the road – flat high intensity, up and down the hills pushing the limit where the lactic acid kicks in. You name it, I have done it 🙂

It seems to have paid off.


Also – people around me are so crucial in all of it.

I’m happy when someone moves their boundaries. Swims to Åland, bike to France, climb to their top of the world, run their first race, hike their longest route. When I see it, they inspire and I want to do more, get better.

I do not want people around me who set limits. I want and have friends that keep on moving forward, push boundaries, encourage – You’ll make it.

Of course you’ll cycle wilder, run faster, climb higher, swim further. You will make it!

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